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    AUTOTOMIE: der Gastgeberkörper

    „Der Gastgeberkörper“ is the second part of the trilogy Autotomie, exploring the intersection between the human body, dance and robotic prostheses. The post-humanist duo Post-organic Bauplan integrates specially developed prostheses into the physical expression of their movement performances in order to dissolve the idea of the human body as natural, given and unchangeable.


    Performance produced by Post-Organic Bauplan, co-produced by Werkstattmacher e.V. and LOFFT DAS THEATER. Funded by Kulturamt, Stadt Leipzig. Januar 2021
    Concept & Direction: Josefina Maro & Salvador Marino [Post-Organic Bauplan]
    Choreographer: Josefina Maro.
    Performers: Clara Sjölin, Anna Schall & Lou Thabart.
    Costume: Design: Vesper. Production: Vesper & Kaur R. Hensel.
    Sound-Design: Cedric Schuster (MYEN) & Salvador Marino.
    Design and development of the prosthesis: Salvador Marino.
    Technical Support: Frank Büchel & Albrecht Meixner.
    Video & Animation: Albrecht Meixner.
    Credits photos: Thomas Puschmann
    © Post-Organic Bauplan. All rights reserved.
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