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    AUTOTOMIE: die erste Wunde

    „Die erste Wunde" is the first part of the trilogy AUTOTOMIE: an exploration, with the use of robotic prostheses, of the intimacy we are faced with when we take action to force change in the limits of the institutionalised body.
    AUTOTOMIE is a defensive strategy, a characteristic behavior of certain animals, consisting of voluntarily detaching parts of their own body in order to escape a predator.
    How far are we from being able to choose which parts of the body belong to us?
    What does it mean to belong to a body?
    Which possibilities of change appear when we don't trust in the organic limits?
    We live in a society that systematically isolates and discards sick, unproductive, broken, deformed bodies.
    Are we just flesh trapped in a bio-political program?
    Sick, unproductive, broken, deformed.
    I need to escape from the fixed forms.
    I need to tear my skin to produce a tear in the order.
    Concept & Idea: Josefina Maro & Salvador Marino.
    Performers: Vesper Josefina Maro & Salvador Marino
    Customes & scenography: Vesper
    Movement Exploration: Josefina Maro
    Prosthesis design: Salvador Marino.
    Technical support in programming: Frank Büchel.
    Installation and Sound design: Salvador Marino.
    Graphic design: Don Elektrq

    Video Installation

    24.OCTOBER.2020 Exhibition [ Video Installation ]. Post-Organic Bauplan + Vesper
    BSMNT Gallery - Spinnerei. Leipzig, Germany
    AUTOTOMIE: die erste Wunde was exhibited in a video-installation format at on the 24th of October 2020.
    The installation consisted in surrounding sound produced in real time, and more than 200 videos distributed in several screens throughout the space.
    The installation seeks to develop an immersive environment that puts the viewer in a relationship with the characters in the videos.
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