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  • Fase De Cicatrización (HAU4)
    What does it mean to belong to a body? What changes occur when we don't trust in the organic limits of the body?
    What possibilities exist when we take an active and conscious participation in our own bodily plan and dilute the constant need to belong to a supposed human nature, which is always a social construction and a definition of an era?
    We understand practices exerted by institutions as an attempt to preserve the idea of body as a natural creation, where religion, capitalism, science, patriarchy, are pressures that constantly shape and impose limits on our own constructions and experiences as corporealities. Does not belong to us anymore the body converted into a workforce, modeled by the production, the industry, or crossed by the current tyranny of the constant upgrade.
    Post-organic Bauplan want to develop their own corporal plan, to inhabit an undefined body. The non-organic devices (prostheses) become a source of expansion and a tool for training a corporeality outside the institutionalization of the productive and natural body, making possible a new relationship with the environment and allowing us to rethink our corporeal limits.
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